Confessions of a binge eater


I used to eat a lot.

I’m not talking helping yourself to a third slice of pizza or eating a chocolate bar when you’ve already eaten a slice of cake earlier in the day. Oh no. I’m talking eating an entire large pizza, potato wedges, half a garlic bread (with cheese), washed down with a 1.5ltr bottle of Coke. I’m talking eating two chocolate bars for lunch, a huge baguette and packet of crisps. With a can of Coke. Every day.

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One week in, feeling unwell and small victories

I’ve now been on my diet for a week, eating lots of fruit and veg and drinking water instead of Bailey’s. Have I noticed any changes after this small amount of time? Yep. These are:

  • Clearer skin
  • Slightly less bloating around my stomach
  • Waistband of jeans feel ever so slightly less tight
  • A feeling of general smugness

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Welcome to the start of my big, fat, shrinking adventure (and why this year will be different)

It’s that time of year again. When I feel sick, bloated and disgusting from massive over-indulgence over Christmas and I declare “enough is enough! I am huge and can no longer fit in my largest pair of jeans. I must now vow to lose weight in the new year! I will stick to a diet and I will exercise daily and I will bounce around all slim and carefree and sexy and lithe by the time summer’s here.” Continue reading “Welcome to the start of my big, fat, shrinking adventure (and why this year will be different)”